Join The Effort

Help a friend who is being abused

Listen without judgement, advice, or expectation. Let them know that the abuse is not their fault. Call the hotline number (325-597-7644) for  more information and support.

Support your local domestic violence and sexual assault program

Most hotlines, advocacy, or shelter organizations could benefit from your time, financial support, or other donations. Call to find out how you can help in your area.

Speak up about abuse

If you see someone being abused, call the police. Doing nothing can make the abuse worse and even deadly.

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Educate yourself and others

Call your local shelter to schedule informational workshops for your workplace, community group, or church. Encourage schools to include abuse prevention as part of their curricula.

Set an example

Make a commitment to work for equality and ending violence in all of its forms.

About Us

Together we can end domestic violence and sexual assault.